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Engine Problems?


Engine Inspection and Repair

Do you suspect your automobile is having engine trouble? Here are some sure-fire signs that you need help under the hood.

Dashboard Warning Lights

If you start your car and any of the icon lights on your dashboard stay lit, you may have cause for concern. The most troubling of these lights are:

A check engine light can be caused by a multitude of things – from a loose gas cap to a faulty O2 sensor or bad spark plugs. While your local mechanic will provide a free scan of your vehicle to see if they can figure out why your check engine light is on, truly diagnosing the problem will require an inspection under the hood.  Having a mechanic diagnose the problem correctly will cost a fee, but will save you money in the long run (scans can improperly identify the issue, which means you could pay money fixing a non-existent problem, or miss fixing the problem actually causing the check engine light).

*If your Check Engine Light is flashing – bring it in for immediate service!

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Engine Jerking, Surging, or Stalling

If your car is making a shudder or similar involuntary movement, it is a strong indication of engine trouble. Old spark plugs, clogged fuel lines or filters, computer misreading code, or several other reasons can be attributed to engine jerking, surging, or stalling. Preventative maintenance, including regular oil changes and tune-ups, are the best measure to prevent engine problems. If you are experiencing any engine problems, call REIS Automotive for a quick and easy diagnosis.

Odd Noises Coming From the Engine

Unusual noises coming from your engine should concern you – including squealing, grinding, hummingclicking and knocking.  Keep a close eye on it to figure out when the engine is making the noise and let your local mechanic know – it will be important to replicate the noise in order to properly diagnose it. If you hear grinding when shifting gears or something else seems out-of-sorts, have it checked out immediately for your own safety and the sake of your car.

Unpleasant or Unusual Smells Coming from Under the Hood

If you notice a foul smell emanating from your engine, you may have trouble ahead. An unpleasant odor may mean oil or coolant is leaking from their normally closed-loop systems onto the engine. It could also indicate hazardous or noxious gases entering your cars cabin (which is not good for you or your passengers).

A burning rubber smell could mean that belts or accessories beneath the hood are damaged, loose, or worn out. It could also mean a rubber hose carrying vital fluids through your engine is touching something hot and it’s melting the rubber. All of these warning signs are cause for concern, schedule a checkup with REIS Automotive if you notice any odd smells coming from your engine.

Smoke Coming Out from the TailpipeEngine and Exhaust Repair

If smoke is coming from either end of your car, this is clearly not a good sign. Here are some clues if the smoke is coming from the tailpipe:

Blue Smoke – oil is escaping from its intended route within the engine, and is being burned along with the fuel. Take the car in for service to have any worn or damaged seals repaired. Keep topping off with oil in the meantime to prevent engine damage.

White Smoke – water condensation or antifreeze has mixed in with the fuel supply. Again, keep topping off with coolant until you can repair the problem.

Smoke Coming From Under Your Hood

If smoke is coming from under your hood, you may have ignored the warning signs above and now your engine has overheated. See a qualified mechanic to diagnose and fix the problem before your engine is beyond repair.

Have You Checked your Coolant Lately?

Coolant, commonly referred to as anti-freeze, plays a larger role in your vehicles operation than you may realize. It absorbs heat from the engine, dissipating it through the radiator to keep your engine cool in the heat of summer while preventing the engine from freezing when parked in the winter.

If you do not change your coolant regularly, you risk build up in your cooling system which can cause your engine to leak coolant, produce poor heat inside, or overheat. Avoid engine repair and replacement services by choosing REIS Auto for your oil changes.

Flushing your cars cooling system will extend the life of your vehicle. Have your mechanic perform this task every 30,000 miles for standard coolant or every 5 years / 100,000 miles for extended coolant. 

REIS Automotive checks coolant levels with every oil change we perform. Fluid level checks are an essential part of our lube service. 

Contact the mechanics at Reis Automotive in Hales Corners if you are having engine problems – and avoid more costly repairs down the road!
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