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Since cars are such complex machines, things are bound to go wrong eventually, especially if they're not well maintained. From suspensions and exhausts to brakes and engines, no component of a car will last forever. The professional mechanics at REIS Automotive in Hales Corners have more than the know-how to repair the damage when something mechanical goes “thump” – we have sympathy for your situation.

When something goes really wrong with a vehicle, most people don’t have a lot of options when repairs are needed. It can make a person feel vulnerable, and with most auto repair service reputations being what they are, we can hardly blame them. REIS Auto removes uncertainty and does our part to regain the customer trust lost due to other shops’ underhanded repair and pricing practices.

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Honest Car Repair Cost Estimates

At REIS Auto, our mechanics are upfront about pricing so you won’t have sticker shock when the repairs are done. For most auto repairs, will give you two quotes:

  1. Expected Cost of Repair – We will give you an upfront average cost of the car repairs you need, including parts and anticipated labor.
  2. Worst Case Scenario Pricing and Time Estimates– For more complex auto system repair, jobs can take longer and cost more if the unexpected should occur. We give you this time/cost of repair estimate so you can expect the unexpected.  If repair cost should run over this maximum cost, we will absorb it.  

Knowing the maximum out-of-pocket cost of repairs will do wonders for a worried mind. REIS Automotive will also send you an itemized list of potential problems spotted during every standard inspection. Our checklist shows each issue’s severity level, an image of the problem, and includes recommendations for future repairs. Our mechanics will walk you through each potential repair to make sure you understand your vehicle’s repair needs, including its urgency.

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Guaranteed Auto Repairs

At REIS Automotive, we are ready to build trust with our clientele. Our honest pricing and thorough car inspections are a great start, but we know if our auto repair services aren’t up to snuff, pricing doesn’t mean much. That’s why if our repairs fail, we will correct the issue at no charge, or we’ll give your money back.

Your Partner in Auto Care Provides Comprehensive Vehicle Repairs:

Disc Versus Drum Brakes

  • Brake Repair and Replacement – From brake pads to discs, to brake lines and master cylinders, we have the expertise to make sure you have stopping power when you need it most.
  • Exhaust System Replacement– REIS Auto will address simple muffler problems as well as oxygen sensors and everything in between.
  • Alternators and Power Systems – Make sure your car always has the juice necessary to start running and stay running.
  • Automotive Heating/AC Repair– Cabin climate systems do more than just keep you comfortable; they also help maintain proper engine temperatures. From blowers to radiators, we’ve got your repairs covered.
  • Engine Components – the car motor’s effectiveness is based on precise tolerances and harmonious timing of many components. When something goes wrong, the experts at REIS are here to fix it.
  • Alignment and Suspension Repair – automotive suspension and steering systems require proper angular forces of a litany of components. Failure of these components is inevitable, but fast repair can prevent worsening problems.
  • and more

Our reliable Hales Corners mechanics are ready to address your auto problems and give you fair prices on guaranteed repairs. Don’t let trepidation of car repairs get in your way any longer, and let REIS Automotive show you how automotive repair should be done.

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