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Check Engine Light On

There are many causes linked to a check engine light. Not all are cause for concern – it could be a simple fix. When you bring your car to Reis Automotive, our mechanics will scan the vehicle’s diagnostic code and provide you with the results for free. In most cases, though, this does not pin point the exact issue. To determine the exact problem, a real inspection of all related/affected components is required – typically costing a diagnostic fee of $100.

You may be thinking “I’ll take the free scan, instead of paying $100 for a real inspection”, but please bear in mind – if the scan is incorrect, you could be unnecessarily fixing problems that don’t exist and/or overlooking real issues that will cost more to repair down the road.

*Please note, if your check engine light is flashing – bring your car into a trustworthy mechanic shop immediately.

Common Causes of a Check Engine Light

Loose/Damaged Gas Cap: Your gas cap not only maintains pressure within your fuel tank and seals the fuel system, it prevents hydrocarbon fumes from escaping your gas tank when your vehicle is off. If your gas cap is loose, tightening it will solve the problem. If your gas cap is damaged, it will need to be replaced. If you do not replace your gas cap you will lose fuel through evaporation, and in turn, make more frequent trips to the gas station.

Inspection and Diagnosis Cost: Medium - High

Oxygen Sensor: If you do not replace the faulty Oxygen Sensor, you run the risk of burning more fuel than necessary as well as additional damage to your spark plugs or catalytic converter (costing you more money in the long run).

Inspection and Diagnosis Cost: Medium - High

Catalytic Converter: Catalytic converters are used to convert harmful carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide - to protect our environment. Maintenance neglect is the most common cause of a damaged catalytic converter. If you do not replace it, your vehicle will not pass emissions, and your vehicle's performance and fuel economy will be reduced.

Inspection and Diagnosis Cost: High

Mass Airflow Sensor: The MAF determines how much fuel is required to run your engine efficiently, by measuring the amount of air entering the engine. If this is damaged and you do not replace it, you’ll not only experience reduced fuel economy and performance, but also run the risk of causing damage to your O2 sensors, catalytic converter, and/or spark plugs.

Inspection and Diagnosis Cost: Medium - High

Spark Plugs/Plug Wires: Spark Plugs ignite the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber of your vehicle - Spark Plug Wires deliver the spark from the ignition coil to the spark plugs. If you do not replace your spark plugs and plug wire when necessary, you risk additional damage to your O2 sensors and ignition coils, as well as a clogged catalytic converter.

Inspection and Diagnosis Cost: Medium - High, depending on your vehicle year, make, and model

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