Transmission Maintenance Helping You Avoid Transmission Repair

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Transmission Maintenance

Transmission Maintenance and Flush

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Keep your car performing at peak efficiency with regular transmission maintenance from Reis Auto! If your transmission is frequently serviced, you can avoid costly auto repairs and the need for frequent transmission flushes.

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Regular Transmission Maintenance Includes:

Cleaning Away the Built-Up Grime

Dirt, grime, and fluid buildup on your transmission happens naturally over time. Reis Auto’s transmission technicians will clean, condition, and flush your transmission to keep those gear shifts smoothly. We use an advanced two-step cleaning product developed by Wynn’s , which thoroughly cleans the transmission before it is flushed out. Next, we add Wynn’s transmission conditioner, which prevents oxidization and limits wear.

Pan Gasket Replacement (if necessary)

If your transmission’s pan gasket is cracked or worn, replacing it is critical to avoid transmission fluid leaks. Leaks can result in a number of auto problems, from improper shifting to mechanical issues. If the pan gasket shows no signs of damage, it will simply be cleaned.

Changing the Transmission Filter

Filters are typically inexpensive to replace, but some vehicles have serviceable transmission filters – which should be replaced per the manufacturer.

Replacing the Transmission Fluid

At REIS Automotive we don’t just give you a drain and fill like other shops, we flush the entire system.  A typical drain and fill will service about 1/3 of your transmission fluid and does not require special equipment. Our Wynn’s transmission flush machine will cycle through the entire amount of transmission fluid in your vehicle.

Changing Differential Fluid

This fluid is used to lubricate the differential, some vehicles have this built into the transmission and others could have as many as 2 differentials needing service. The differential translates the rotation of the transmission via a drive shaft, to the drive wheels. The gears must remain lubricated during use. If your vehicle’s differential fluid is leaking or broken down, the gears can overheat, lock up, or break.

Differential fluid should be changed regularly - contaminants from wearing gears may build up in your fluid or the fluid can break down from the heat. Your owner’s manual or mechanic can give you a better idea about your specific vehicle, but a safe bet for changing your differential fluid is every 30,000-50,000 miles. If you regularly haul heavy loads or tow, consider servicing the differentials more often.

Reis Auto is your best source for fluid inspections and replacement – We check fluid levels with every oil change we do.

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Improving Longevity with a Transmission Flush

A transmission flush is a necessary process of removing all oil from your transmission. Before fluids are drained, a cleaning solution is run through the system to push out build-up, grime, and sludge; followed by a conditioner after the service. Transmission fluid conditioner is designed to prevent slipping, leaking, and wear to provide smooth, quiet operation; and conditions your seals for an extended transmission life. Finally, fluids are then refilled. Flushing your transmission is recommended every 30,000 - 50,000 miles.

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