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Tire Maintenance: Align, Rotate, and Inflate


The tires on your car are important - more important than you may realize. Not only do your tires keep you safe, when properly inflated and aligned they also improve fuel economy and vehicle handling. Your engine, brakes, and drivetrain are all at the mercy of your tire’s ability to grip the road.

Tire Rotation and Balancing

For a smooth, reliable ride, tire rotation and balancing are a must. In fact, it is recommended you have your tires rotated with every oil change. If you usually get a 10-minute drive-thru oil change, you will notice your tires are never rotated. This service simply cannot be completed in 10 minutes. At Reis Automotive in Hales Corners rotating your tires is part of the package.

Why is rotating your tires so important? To prolong their life and ensure a safer ride, of course! With time, your tires wear unevenly - with the front wheels typically taking the brunt of force while driving and braking. When rotating your tires, the mechanic will move the two back tires forward, and the two front tires to the back. This process can vary depending on your vehicle and its manufacturer standards.

If your tires are out of balance, our mechanics will adjust the weights as necessary so you have a smoother ride. If your car feels wobbly, it could be a sign of unbalanced tires. Avoid costly tire replacement with regular maintenance from Reis Automotive.

Tire Replacement and Repair

Reis Auto will also ensure your tires are properly inflated when you visit for scheduled maintenance. We recommend you check the pressure in your tires once a month and add air as necessary between your maintenance appointments. Properly inflated tires provide better steering control and grip.

Tire Replacement

Tires Available at Wholesale Prices!

Reis Automotive can obtain any brand of tires you want. We charge for installation, but we sell tires at wholesale prices to save you money! Call us today for a quote on your tire needs.


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5 Most Common Tire Damage and Wear Patterns

Tire Repair and Replacement at Reis Automotive

As your tires age, they will hopefully wear evenly. Proper and consistent tire rotation, balancing, and wheel alignment will ensure even tire wear to increase their lifespan. Failing to perform these necessary services can result in specific tire wear patterns, all of which can lead to a blowout if not addressed:

Suspension and Alignment-Related Tire Wear Patterns

  • Single edge wear – wear occurring on one edge of the tire. This is often the result of misaligned tires, but can also be a symptom of a damaged suspension. Some alignment factors resulting in single-edge tire wear include:

    • Camber angle – refers to the degree to which your tires lean vertically. When a tire’s top leans toward the car, it is said to have a negative camber angle. When the top leans away from the car, it is at a positive angle. Optimally, your tire’s camber angle is slightly negative, maximizing tire to road contact when pressures are applied in cornering. Extreme camber angles cause single edge wear and eventual tire warping.
    • Toe angle – This is the position of your tires as viewed from above. Ideally, tires should run parallel with the chassis. If your tires tilt in toward the front of the vehicle, it is toed in. If they tilt in toward the rear of the car, they are toed out. Both of these will cause a specific edge wear type called feathering, where a tread rib is worn on one side and remains sharply angled on the other.
  • Cupping wear – usually indicative of bent or worn suspension, this is seen as a diagonal and repeating wear pattern around the tire.

Tire Pressure and Balancing Wear Patterns

  • Outer edge wear – occurs on both sides of the tire. Usually the result of riding too long on an underinflated tire. Underinflation will negatively affect the tire’s lifespan and cause:

    • Lower gas mileage – underinflated tires add rolling resistance as you drive, making your vehicle work harder. As the US Department of Energy estimates, a lowering of tire pressure by 1 psi can result in a .3% reduction in miles per gallon.
      Performance loss – a reduction of tire pressure means a flexing of the tire wall and tread, called deflection. This builds up heat through friction and can cause a blowout, but will also reduce cornering ability and increase stopping times.
  • Center wear – often caused by an over-inflated tire. Some people intentionally try to counteract the low gas mileage resulting from low tire pressure by over-pressurizing their tires. Not only will this lead to inner tread wear, but also:Worn Tires Replaced at Reis Automotive

    • Bumpy ride – hardened tires have less ability to absorb shock from road bumps. In some cases, it can even cause tire blowouts.
    • Reduced grip – over-inflation reduces the tire’s surface area in contact with the road and can reduce braking, cornering, and acceleration abilities.
  • Patchy wear – seemingly random patterns of wear usually mean your tires are out of balance.

Reis Auto is Your Local Tire Replacement Specialist

If you are noticing any undue wear patterns on your vehicle’s tires, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Reis Automotive in Hales Corners to have them balanced, aligned or even replaced. Whatever your tire problems may be, the local mechanics at Reis Auto are waiting to provide the solution.  

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