Avoid Repairs with Scheduled Auto Maintenance

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Scheduled Car Maintenance

What Is Car Maintenance and When Should I Schedule an Appointment?

Scheduled Maintenance Services

$25.99 Oil Change*

*Additional Costs for diesel and synthetic
Inspection Included in Cost!
$10.00 Tire Rotation with any Oil Change!

Regular car maintenance can be done alongside your oil change every 3,000 miles. Unlike 10 minute drive thru oil changes, Reis Automotive’s mechanics take an hour with your vehicle to thoroughly complete all maintenance needs. This includes:

Why Do I Need Regular Vehicle Maintenance?Synthetic Oil or Conventional

Your vehicle is a large piece of machinery, with hundreds of components working together to make it roll safely down the road, as well as stop. Regular maintenance services ensure components vital to the operation of your car are maintained for peak performance. Most importantly, maintenance is the best way to avoid costly auto repairs. Components affected most by everyday wear are inspected and replaced frequently, eliminating common car problems all together. If our mechanics find anything that will be a problem in the near future, they will alert you ahead of time so you can prepare.

Improve fuel economy, maintain engine performance, and avoid auto repair by scheduling regular car maintenance appointments with our local auto repair shop in New Berlin and Hales Corners!

Contact our car maintenance mechanics to inquire about auto care services today.
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