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Scheduled Oil Changes are Your Car’s Best Friend

$44.99 Oil Change*

*Additional costs for diesel and synthetic
Inspection Included in Cost!
Tire Rotation Included!

Few things keep a good vehicle down more than bad oil. As motor oil lubricates the engine, the ongoing heat produced breaks down chemical components within the oil, changing the viscosity and gumming up your engine’s moving parts. Getting regular oil change service at your local REIS Automotive keeps your car happy, on the road, and out of the mechanic’s garage. Synthetic Oil or Conventional

You get more than just an oil change at REIS Automotive in Hales Corners. Our specialists will treat your car like their own, going the extra mile so your car will always do the same. Along with and included in every oil change we do are the following essential auto services:

  • A thorough vehicle inspection — our experts offer brake inspection, lights, fluids and more.
  • Optional Tire rotation — REIS tire specialists rotate tires to reduce uneven wear and premature replacements; tire rotation costs are reduced by 50% when done with an oil change.
  • Fluid checks — Our mechanics will check your coolant, differential, and brake fluid levels and let you know when it is time to change them.
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Oil Changes are Just the Beginning of a Scheduled Auto Maintenance Routine

Counting every component down to the smallest screw, there are about 30,000 parts in an automobile. Additionally, there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,800 welds holding everything together. A car’s complexity demands regular scheduled maintenance to stay reliable and safe.

Safety and reliability are the most obvious reasons to keep a regular maintenance schedule with REIS Automotive. What’s less obvious, at least until hindsight, is the litany of potential problems and cost of future repairs if you fail to maintain your vehicle.

Be nice to your car and your wallet and establish a maintenance schedule with regular oil changes at REIS Automotive in Hales Corners.


What else is there to Vehicle Maintenance?Auto Maintenance at Reis

Did we mention the 30,000 parts? After oil changes and fluid checks, there is still plenty to be done to maintain your car, truck, SUV or crossover. Luckily, the expert mechanics at REIS Automotive have you covered.

In addition to exhaustive oil change services, your local REIS Auto Service will perform:

  • Tire Balancing — as the weights in your tires get out of balance, which happens slowly over time, you will experience premature tire wear and vibrations at higher speeds.
  • Serpentine and Timing Belt Replacement — worn serpentine belts can cause anything from squealing sounds to failing auto heaters and air conditioners to complete engine failure.  Timing belts are necessary to the function of your car’s motor and should be replaced at regular mileage increments.
  • Transmission Flushing — dirt and grime build up in all parts of your car and can be particularly troublesome in the transmission.
  • Spark Plug Inspection and Replacement  — your engine’s spark plugs are essential to its function, and failing plugs can be one cause on a huge list of problems.
Get in touch with the expert mechanics at REIS Automotive for all your car maintenance needs.
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